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Silvana's C.V.


Equity No : M0014611                            Spotlight No : 2780


Hair : Black.                                              Eyes: Green/Grey.


Bust : 38 in.                  Waist 29 in.         Hips : 38    Height : 5’9".


Build : Medium.           Size : 12.             Shoes : 7-8






Canterbury Girls’ High School-Melbourne Australia


Australian Higher School Certificate :


English, English Literature, 18th Century European History,  Human Development and Society, General Maths


Victoria College Rusden-Melbourne Australia


1st Year-Drama, English, Media Studies







The Actors Centre London-Gillian Hawser, Edward Kemp, Harry Burton, Stephen Wisker, Christiane Hille

Ecole Philippe Gaulier London-Philippe Gaulier                                           

John Bolton Theatre School Melbourne-John Bolton, David Latham,

St Martins Theatre Melbourne                        Deborah Levy-Melbourne                                 

Lynne Ruthven-Melbourne                               Kit Oldfield-Melbourne



Will Conyers-Melbourne                                    Jillian Norwood-Melbourne

Bronwen Barton-Melbourne



Tania Bosak



Rinske Ginsberg-Melbourne



Maeve Vella-Melbourne




Production             Director                Role                                Company


Short Film/Video


Delphine, The Baker’s Assistant      Lyndon Ives                         Maria The Baker                                                  Bingo Productions

An Eye For An Eye                             Kresimir Supek                      Transformed Criminals                                       New York Film Academy

The Date                                                Andrew Worman                 The Beautiful Woman                                        Sickboy Films

Blow Up                                                 Suki Singh                             Blow Up Woman                                                 Commercials Unlimited

Madonna Mia                                       Robert Falso                         Lucy                                                                      Swinburne

Dimmi Dimmi                                         Carmelina di Guglielmo        Various                                                                 Animani

Homebodies                                          Kit Oldfield                            Belinda                                                               Council of Adult Education

Mirrors                                                   Kit Oldfield                            Carmen Cutting                                                   St Martins

Blyth's Spirit                                         Kit Oldfield                            The Ghost                                                            St Martins




 The Circus of Horrors                        Pierrot Bidon                         Nemisia, The Gypsy Queen                          Circus Of Horrors

 Famous Last Words                           James Scott                           The Actor                                                             Polymath

  Dumb Longing                                   Ben Grove                             Various                                                                 Rose Productions

 Nightscreams                                       Tim Homewood                    Hannah                                                                 La Mama

 Shipwreck                                             Robert Chutor                       The Figurehead                                                Performing Arts Projects

 The Calling                                           Richard Davey                      Alice Turner                                                         Mainstreet Theatre

 Angel of the Graveyard                     Kate Cherry                           The Nurse                                                            Carlton Court House

 I've Danced with A Girl                      Robert Chutor                       Lilian Braithwaite                                                Performing Arts Projects

 Punuyiota                                             Karen Holding                      Stella                                                                     Theatreworks

 Jack & The Burrow Beans Chris Thompson                                 Ruby, The Giant's Wife                                       Next Big Thing

 See Saw                                                Greg Dyson                           Various                                                                 POWOW Theatre

 Jack & The Beanstalk                         Sarah Young                         Various                                                                 Princeless Productions

 Marco Polo-Journey to Xanadu       Carmelina di Guglielmo         Marco Polo                                                          Animani

 Connections                                        Jane Woollard                      Sarah                                                                     Mainstreet Theatre

 In Cerca Di                                           Rosanna Morales                 Isabella                                                                 Broccoli Education

 In Due Atti                                           Rosanna Morales                 Various                                                                 Broccoli Education

 The Inland Sea                                    Jean Paul Hussey                 The Aviatrix                                                         Mad Parrot

 Loving Friends                                    Robert Chutor                       Lucy                                                                      Performing Arts Projects

 Theatresports Classic Cup                N/A                        `               Improviser                                                            Flying Pig

 Theatresports Christmas Season     N/A                                        Improviser                                                            Flying Pig

 The Owl & The Pussycat

 Meet Long  John Silver                      Sarah Young                         The Owl                                                                Princeless Productions

 Les Fausses Confidences                  Kristen von Bibra                 The Maid                                                              Melb French Theatre Co

 The Legend of King O'Malley          Chris Thompson                  Various                                                                 St Martins

 Cosme                                                   Peter Charlton                       Innocent Bystander                                            St Martins

 Mid-Summer Night's Dream              Beverley Phillips                  Snug                                                                      St Martins

 Runaways                                            Malcolm Robertson             Lydia                                                                     St Martins




Circus of Horrors Soundtrack           N/A                                        Nemisia, The Gypsy Queen                               Circus of Horrors

In Cerca Di                                            Daniel Sassi                          Various                                                                 Broccoli Education

In Due Atti                                            Daniel Sassi                          Various                                                                 Broccoli Education

Innocent Bystander                             Bill Just                                  Innocent Bystander                                            Cosme 

Radio Play


 Punuyiota                                             Karen Holding                      Stella                                                Australian Broadcasting Commission




Metal Skin                                             Geoffrey Wright                   Various                                                      Australian Film Commission




The Mermaids                                      Self Devised                          Echo                                                           Brighton Festival (UK)                    

The London Dungeon                        Self Devised/Improvised    Various                                                      London Dungeon

The Patsys                                            Self Devised                          Lorelei                                       Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Torch-A-Song                                      Self Devised                          Dolores                                                        Melbourne Fringe Festival





The Famous Five                                 Lead Vocals & Harmonies                                  Soul, Blues, Gospel, Contemporary

The Shenteres                                      Lead Vocals & Back Up                                                      Rock, Contemporary

TISM                                                      Backing Vocals                                                                        Contemporary

The Glen 20's Orchestra                      Lead Vocals, Harmonies                                                          Jazz, Blues

Hetrodox 5                                             Lead Vocals                                                                              Funk, Dance




Deutch Bank                                         February 2002                                                       Plasma Screen

Sun Alliance                                         More Than Magazine August 2001                  Front Cover

Empire Film Magazine                         September 1998                                                    Number One Fan

Empire Magazine                                  August 1998                                                         Make Your Own Godzilla Movie

STA Travel                                           1992                                                                        Worldwide Travel Brochure




Italian                                                     Conversational to Fluent

French                                                    Basic